Thursday, September 21, 2006

Have Your Say! Google Gagdet

I decided to make a Google Personalized Homepage Gadget for some fun.

It is a very simple Gadget, it lets you post a message that other people using the gadget can see. I only records the last 5 or so posts. You can choose a nickname, an emoticon and it records your country. I also does some basic filtering to remove foul language.

To give it a go, click this button Add to Google to add it to your Google Personalized Homepage.

It is running on my development server, and I only have 200 MB bandwidth/month, with will not go far, so use it while you can! And if it disappears, wait until the start of next month! Sorry, but I am a poor student, and this is the best hosting I can afford at the moment!

It uses a PHP/MySQL backend, CSS/JavaScript (AJAX) client side. I hacked it together quickly, so there are probably some bugs. Sorry about that. For info, goto